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Burnout Coaching

Exploring the reasons and alleviation of burnout through 1 on 1 coaching.

Work/Life Stress Relief

Understanding the stress source and gaining resources to counter the stress.

Enhancement of Body

Yoga routines for everyone from young to old. Begin your wellness journey with a clean slate.

Enhancement of Mind

Meditation practices designed for beginners to advanced practitioners.

Optimization of Sleep

Understanding the sleep requirement and proper sleep hygiene, thus improving quality of sleep.

Optimization of Energy

Understanding energy depletion, thus maintaining a never-ending energy.

Social Skills

As technology invades our daily life, the need for soft skills is apparent. I will show you how to acquire and maintain soft skills.

Transformation from Ego to Liberated Self

I will guide you through the transformation of inner self via self inquiry.

Transforming Leadership

Servant leadership coaching for corporate leaders. Teaching leaders to keep the needs of employees and customers first and lead the company.

Corporate Wellness

Progressive corporations provide proactive wellness for their employees thereby increasing wellness and productivity.

Burnout of Healthcare Worker

Physicians and nurses are provided Comprehensive Self Care (CSC) for 12 weeks. In an era of many healthcare workers leaving the profession due to burnout, Dr. Rao’s CSC provides an opportunity to develop inner resilience and begin to enjoy their profession and find fulfillment in their work and life.